Racking up solar-charged Sun Miles® in Indiana

solar-charged-in-indianiaWe often get e-mails and pictures from readers who are solar-charging their own EVs. The picture above is one of these pictures. It comes from Scott Mohler, who writes–>

Dear Editor,
I just found your site today. The site is a great way to help educate those looking at EVs and solar.  I have attached a photo of our 19 kW solar array that fully powers our Nissan Leaf and our home.

It will soon be powering our new Tesla Model S 85 kWh model, which we should have by March 5 2013. We have 9,500 miles on the Leaf, all powered by the sun. The return on investment is better than the stock market. The return on investment is over seven percent – and it’s tax free. This is based on a per kWh cost of 16 cents.  You are welcome to post this on your site.

Scott Mohler
Newburgh, Indiana

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Thank you Scott for sending this in. We will indeed post this – and just have 😉

As all solar-charged drivers are, you are a true inspiration to others.

Have fun putting lots and lots of Sun Miles® on that solar-charged Tesla Model S.

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