[Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons photo by p.Gordon]

Don’t text and die

editors-blog-entry3I’m on a roll on the don’t text and drive thing, sorry.

In fact, I could do a whole web site on texting/surfing and driving and I’ve actually contemplated starting one — but then reality hits: There’s no way I’d have time for that. I struggle to get new content up on SolarChargedDriving.Com as it is.

So, I’ll continue to use SolarChargedDriving.Com as an outlet to fight the crucial battle against the texting/surfing and driving epidemic. And, of course, solar-charged or not, a 4,000 pound vehicle moving at high rates of speeds is a deadly weapon, one whose navigation requires 100 percent of our attention all of the time.

The texting & driving epidemic
Texting/surfing while driving truly is an epidemic. Take a look around at other drivers around you and you can’t miss this basic fact (and it’s way, way, way bigger a problem than doing make-up, eating while driving, etc.).

I urge you to watch the 30 second video above (even if you’re thinking you don’t want to — I thought that too, to be honest; but I did watch it).Then, share it with others. I did, as you can see by the screen shot below.

The message is clear. And it couldn’t be more important. It’s a matter of life and death.


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