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Nissan gives Google car some EV competition

Electric cars recently took a leap into the future when Nissan unveiled a prototype for an all-electric LEAF that can operate almost completely by itself at Japan’s largest showcase of electronics and information technology, CEATEC.

Not only can the LEAF park itself but, as Nissan explained to EarthTechling.Com, the car has a remote monitoring system that understands the environment around it via an all-around view camera and fourth generation (4G) mobile communications.

LEAF-self-parkingSmartphone ‘app’ parks car
Furthermore the EV can be controlled through a Smartphone app that can tell the car when to pick you up and it can go park itself via instructions given to it via the Smartphone.

Toru Futami, Expert leader for Nissan’s IT and ITS Development noted how one of Nissan’s objectives was to address time loss. He stated that with the new automated Nissan all you need to do is get to the entrance of the building you’re going to.

Futami also expressed Nissan’s interest in reducing human error and increasing security.

In a story published on EarthTechling.Com, Nissan noted that the LEAF’s security system automatically works with the camera installed in it. In fact the system will alert the driver via his/her Smartphone if it detects suspicious behavior.

“With 90 percent of accidents caused by human error, we aimed to make a machine that could reduce error to as close to zero as possible and prevent an accident before it happens,” noted Futami.

Nissan plans to release the car to the public by 2015.

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