Chevy Volt fans diss Tesla Model S: OMG!

Sometimes, well, okay, a lot of times, I see comments about electric cars that make me think – and forgive me for being crude here – WTH? As in WTH are you thinking?

Here’s one of those moments: A Chevy Volt fan page on Facebook recently posted a link highlighting the naming of Tesla’s Model S to Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2012 List.

While some of the comments made by Voltheads were positive, for instance, one by David Bouwers, who wrote, “Love my Volt and what the big car companies are doing but hats off to Tesla. I cannot wait to buy mine”, some were completely negative, actually, just plain ignorant.

Tesla-S-Model-silverVolt more innovative than Model S?
Check out this comment from Greg Heifner, “The Volt is far more innovative. The Tessla (sic) is an overpriced electric car running on laptop batteries.”

Or this one from Steven Bowen, “Nope, not new technology. Existing technology packaged differently for the first time. It’s not an invention.”

Okay, to be fair, on a broad level, Bowen has a point: The Model S is still an automobile, albeit one being pushed forward by a completely different fueling and power system than traditional ICE autos.

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But do Volt fans really have to be so negative about a car that shortly after the Facebook posts above were made, Motor Trend named historically as its Car of the Year? Or one that Consumer Reports recently gave a big thumps up to?

As I, myself, wrote on Facebook, in response to Steven, and especially to Greg, “I love the Volt, but c’mon, the Model S has got a 200+ mile range, 0-60 in 4.4 — and people are dissing it. OMG.”

OMG indeed!

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