The original Chevy Volt fan to switch to a Ford

lyle-voltAfter his long-time advocacy for the Chevy Volt Dr. Lyle Dennis — who SolarChargedDriving.Com featured in a cover story two years ago — is switching to Ford’s first plug-in hybrid, the C-Max Energi.

The decision seems surprising since Dennis is the founder of, a blog and social media network dedicated to the Chevy plug-in vehicle.

Dennis told that the four-seat Volt just couldn’t keep up with his growing family.

“A fifth seat, those three words are really the only reason for switching,” Dennis notes in a blog entry on InsideEVs.Com.

Plenty of cargo room
The C-Max Energi is a five-seat SUV that offers more passenger and cargo room than the Volt, which, for Dennis, is really what he needs to fit his family of five.

This new acquisition has been a problem solver for the Dennis clan. According to, Dennis says his wife wanted to get a Nisan LEAF, which has a range of 73 miles per charge.

This meant they needed another five-passenger ride for longer trips. Getting the C-Max Energi allows the family to have two energy efficient cars with the C-Max Energi fitting the five of them.

Dennis notes that the family’s change in cars has not diminished his love for the Volt and, apart from the size issue, he has nothing bad to say about it.

“I absolutely love and adore my Chevy Volt,” writes Dennis in a blog entry he wrote recently for InsideEVs.Com. “I take pride in the role I played encouraging GM to produce the car and in helping to build public support.”

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Dennis still grateful to GM
According to, after launching GM-Volt.Com in 2007, Dennis became a major player in the Volt world. Dennis sold the site to in 2011.

“I am grateful to GM for launching the plug-in revolution, and I have enjoyed my two years of Volt driving.  Change, however, is an inevitable fact of life,” he explains.

Although the time for moving on has come for Dennis, he is still a strong advocate of electric cars as well of helping the U.S. to kick its oil addiction.  

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