solar-EV-charge-madridSpain, one of Europe’s solar and renewable energy leaders, has its first solar canopy EV charging station.

The canopy can be found at the Real Jardin Botanico Juan Carlos I, Alcala de Hernandez University in Madrid. 

The station is equipped with 15 solar panels and nine charging docks and produces 5,600 kWh per year. Although the station is on a university campus, it is open to the public and is free of charge.

Intelligent EV charging
Sendekia was in charge of the equipment and installation of the Madrid solar EV charging station.

Two of the charging docks are classified as “intelligent,” since they allow users to control the charging process from a mobile device.  Furthermore, one of the two intelligent charging stations can charge a Nissan LEAF (assuming it is equipped with quick-charging port) in a little more than an hour.

The other charging stations are conventional Level II stations, which charge an EV such as the LEAF in about seven to eight hours. 

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According to Energia Solar Espana, two years ago it was rare to hear talk in the Spanish auto industry about the combination of EVs and solar energy. 

Now, the situation has seen a 180-degree turn in the sense that the majority of the major auto companies are working to install solar EV charging stations. 

EV + PV expansion seen
Rosendo Elvira, director of the Botanic Garden, has stated that their objective is to expand the project step by step. 

The solar canopy is mostly for EV charging purposes. However, when the canopy is out of use the Jardin Botanico uses the energy in order to reduce its electric bill. 

The goal is to get several more solar EV charging canopy stations throughout Madrid and Spain as an incentive for people to both start and to keep using electric vehicles. 

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