Tiny solar EV canopy packs big solar punch

solar-ev-pv-ukHere’s a cute little solar-powered EV charging station (see picture to the right). Launched recently by the British-based company H2Eco, the solar EV charging station has been created for use in large supermarkets and council car parks.

The company says it will generate up to 1,900 kWh of energy, enough to power a Nissan LEAF up to 8,000 miles a year. When not in use, the solar EV charging station can be connected to an existing power supply.

“For those who have invested in an electric car or are considering doing so, this is yet another step forward to being a green motorist,” said H2Eco partner Mike Stephenson.

The company is hoping local authorities and private car park management companies in the UK will install its solar EV charging station on a large scale.

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