Embedded above is a cool YouTube video that spotlights what appears to be a relatively easy-to-install solar EV charging canopy designed by an Italian company, Giulio Barbieri, SPA.

The video runs you through the installation of this seemingly easy to put up solar EV charging station in about three minutes to the strains of some funky music in the background.

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While the video above is a computer-generated animation, in fact, a second video we’ve embedded, this one below, shows that these Italian solar EV charging canopies aren’t just a simulation, but a reality.

Yes, the video below is in Swedish, but it’s actually kind of fun to watch, and it’s cool to see several Nissan LEAFs parked under this Italian designed solar EV charging canopy. Just as cool is the fact that — unless we’re mistaken and we’ll admit that we’re only fluent in English and German — these solar-charged LEAFs appear to part of a Swedish car-sharing set-up.

Great way to spread the sun miles, eh?

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