Paying tribute to an EV+PV pioneer: Doug Korthof

d-k-hofeditors-blog-entry3I didn’t know Douglas Korthof personally. But I feel like I knew this tireless and longtime advocate of plug-in vehicles and solar-charged driving fairly well nonetheless, at least an important part of him, thanks to the many YouTube videos he posted over the years.

Doug passed away in February of mesothelioma, a type of deadly lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Doug was one of the earliest and strongest proponents of plug-in vehicles and, to my knowledge, one of the very first to post videos to YouTube espousing the benefits of solar-charged driving. In fact, Doug’s EV + PV videos, the first of which was posted to YouTube way back in September 2007, were an important inspiration to me when I made the decision to found SolarChargedDriving.Com in the summer of 2009.

An interview never done
It was a goal of mine to someday do a feature story on Doug for SolarChargedDriving.Com. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing this. I have a full-time job as a journalism professor, plus I’m a full-time father of two young girls and I’m married to a wonderful woman who also works full-time. So, in the end, SolarChargedDriving.Com is something that I do on the side, in the relatively little “free” time I have.

Doug, I really wish I’d done a story on you and I regret not having had a chance to talk to you directly. But I’m grateful for the inspiration that you gave me, and so many others. We will continue to fight the good fight for plug-in vehicles and the solar/renewable energy + EV synergy for as long as we are fortunate enough to be around on this earth ourselves.

Thank you for everything, Doug. The world is a better place because of your efforts.

Adopt a Charger has set up the Doug Korthof Memorial Fund. Please visit if you would like to contribute to the installation and maintenance of public charging stations in Doug’s honor.

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