7,100 gas-free miles in a solar-charged LEAF

leaf-plus-solarEvery now and then someone else captures exactly what you want to say, only does it much better than you can.

That’s the case with Douglas Dunn, a Nissan LEAF owner with a home solar system who  recently posted a much better response to a question posed by Nissan on its LEAF Facebook page about fueling costs than any I could have written.

Nissan’s question
Here’s the question Nissan put up:

How much does it cost you to charge up (or gas up) per week?

And here’s Dunn’s response, slightly edited by me:

I plug into my solar panels and let God pay for it.

Here is the thing: Before I got the Leaf, some people warned me that it really is not practical. Today, all the people who told me it was not practical are grumbling and complaining about the price of gas. They are not happy. All the people like me, who plug electric cars into solar panels and smile and wave as we drive past the gas stations, are happy.

I love it when people try to “explain” why something doesn’t really work — to the people who make it work every day.

Six months. 7,100 gas free miles. It works.

My bumper sticker says: “Renewable energy is homeland security.” My license plate frame says: “Powered by Sunshine.”

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EV + PV – it works, every day!
Couldn’t have said it better myself Doug (and I’m jealous that you’ve got the full EV + PV package, we’re only halfway there, with the PV minus the EV).

While Doug’s entire response is well-worded and nicely argued, my personal favorite is this sentence–>

“I love it when people try to ‘explain’ why something doesn’t really work – to the people who make it work every day.”

Hat’s off to you Doug! Thank you for showing the world that EV + PV can, and does, work for you, and, by way of your actual, everyday example, how it could work for the rest of us too!

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