Cal-State Fullerton plugs into EV + PV

cal-state-fullerton-solar-canopyCalifornia State University, Fullerton recently added itself to the growing list of universities and colleges in the U.S. with solar-powered EV charging stations.

REC Solar and AECOM Technology Corporation unveiled a 1.16MW installation at the Cal-State Fullerton (CSUF) campus. REC Solar installed systems on the rooftops of two CSU Fullerton buildings and a parking structure carport under contract to AECOM.

“CSUF is saving energy and reducing costs, while setting the bar for other universities to aspire to,” said Dr. Willie Hagan, Interim President of California State University, Fullerton.

The solar carport system installed atop the Eastside Parking Structure on the southeast corner of campus will provide power to six Coulomb Technologies EV charging stations supplied by Charge Harbor LLC.

On the forefront of a rapidly growing trend, the solar-powered EV charging carports will provide clean, renewable energy for emissions-free vehicles, highlighting the rapidly growing convergence between the solar energy and electric vehicle sustainability movements.

“By installing electric vehicle charging stations CSU Fullerton enables everyone on campus to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ryan Grady, President, Charge Harbor LLC.

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