More solar companies ad-wrapping EVs

ad-wrap-cal-sol-electricMore than two years ago we predicted that savvy solar installers and solar companies would buy electric cars, ad wrap them, and use them as rolling advertisements for the exciting synergy between solar PV and electric cars.

We were right!

Slowly but surely more and more solar installers are indeed buying (or possibly leasing) EVs, ad wrapping them, and using them as rolling advertisements for both themselves and, more broadly, for solar-charged driving.

Solar installers with wrapped EVs
Periodic Google searches have helped us find three Nissan LEAFs and one Chevy Volt wrapped by the following solar companies: California Solar Electric, Empower SolarStellar Solar, TFS Solar.

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It’s likely there are some, possibly even quite a few more, out there that we’ve missed. And, of course, the number of EVs bought by solar installers and ad wrapped to promote PV + EV as well as a given solar installer is surely growing even as we write this story 🙂

That’s good news. Although it’s hardly surprising.

After all, it’s hard to think of a better way to advertise your solar company than by showing the world that you’ve got a car that runs on sun and which is fueled by a personal solar gas station that can be installed by your solar company.



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