Sanya Skypump uses wind power to fuel EVs

sanya-skypumpWhile we focus on the solar + electric car synergy here at SolarChargedDriving.Com, we’re just as happy to see wind, wave, geothermal and other renewable energy forms generating electricity to pump into your EV’s batteries.

So we’re definitely a fan of the Sanya Skypump from Urban Green Energy (UGE).

The Skypump is a futuristic EV charging station powered by a sleek 4 kW wind turbine. It combines the turbine with a GE WattStation charger.

The heart of the Sanya Skypump lies at its base where the electronic components are safely hidden from the elements.  The base includes a touch screen which guides you through the different charging options, your notification preferences. It can also display news and ads as needed.

UGE has developed and patented a new dual axis design that eliminates the main concern of other vertical axis wind turbines — that of premature bearing failure.  Through this technology, claims UGE, its turbines significantly outperform the competition by spreading both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis.  

UGE says it’s designed the Sanya line for quick, and easy assembly.  

“From a turbine that can be assembled in about two hours, to slip-joint towers, and an elegant enclosure for all the included electronic components, the installation of the Sanya Skypump is far from rocket science,” states UGE on its web site.

And the best part of it all is that if you want to mix and match you can pair the Sanya Skypump with UGE’s Boardwalk, which taps both wind and solar energy to power a very appealing looking street lamp.

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