Transforming the ugliness of the Nissan LEAF

leaf-air-damsMore than a few people think the Nissan LEAF is ugly, and we happen to agree with them – though, it’s still quite possible we’ll buy one anyway.

But it wouldn’t take that much to get rid of a lot of the LEAF ugliness, which lies mostly in its excessive bulbous-ness and egg-shapiness.

All it would take, in fact, is a some nicely shaped and strategically placed spoilers/air dams, mostly on the bottom of the LEAF and – voila – you’ve magically wiped away a big part of the LEAF ugliness issue.

{module 301}

Just take a look at the picture above and you can see how spoilers and air dams could really boost the LEAF’s looks – at least if you’re a fan of sportier, more “European” looking cars, which we are.

Of course, how adding extra air dams around the bottom of the LEAF would affect performance and range isn’t clear.

Assuming the effect is minimal, even non-existent, we would certainly prefer a LEAF that looks like the LEAF Aero Style Concept in the picture above to the standard LEAF look below.

How about you?


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