Georgia gets its first two solar EV stations

mage-solar-ev-chargingTwo more solar-powered EV charging stations went online recently in the U.S., including one claimed to be Georgia’s first solar canopy-EV charging site, proving once again that a solar-charged driving revolution is in full motion in the U.S.

Indeed, so many of solar-powered EV charging stations are going online in the U.S. – and likely outside of the U.S. as well – that it’s getting increasingly difficult for SolarChargedDriving.Com to keep up with all of the news on this front.

This contrasts sharply what was happening just 20 months ago when SolarChargedDriving.Com first went online. At that point, comparatively few solar canopies with EV charging capability were being constructed and completed in the U.S.

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Georgia’s 1st solar EV charging station
Kirk-Rudy, a paper machinery manufacturer established in 1967, in late May unveiled what it says is Georgia’s first solar-powered EV charging station.

Rick Marshall, President of Kirk-Rudy, had the solar canopy installed to reduce the company’s energy costs.

“Even though the upfront capital cost of such a system is high, the federal and state incentives, combined with the benefits of Georgia Power’s Solar Purchase Program, give this investment a quick payback,” explained Marshall.

As part of the construction project, Kirk-Rudy decided to install the charging station as a benefit for employees. Only one charging station has been included. However, the design and construction allow for second and third charging stations to be installed in the future, as demand dictates.

Creative Solar USA, Inc., headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia, designed, engineered, and installed the 100 kW solar canopy. The charging station is manufactured by ClipperCreek in Auburn, Calif. Metro Plug-In, also of Woodstock, provided the charging station to Creative Solar USA.


“We, here at Kirk-Rudy, are proud to be on the leading edge in energy sustainability,” said Marshall.

MAGE Solar Academy solar EV station
MAGE Solar Academy, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, unveiled a solar-powered electric car charging station June 7 in Dublin, Ga.

The 3.42 kW canopy is powered by 18 MAGE POWERTEC Plus 190/5 modules that will charge plug-in electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt or a Nissan Leaf.

Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols commended MAGE SOLAR ACADEMY: “This clean and safe way to fuel our cars should become the standard for America for the future as it guarantees independence for our nation and sustainability for other generations. It truly is innovation at work!”

A solar-charging revolution
We welcome the fact that solar carports, some with EV charging and some without it, are sprouting up everywhere in the U.S., including in our local neck of the woods – just yesterday, we drove by a brand new 100 kW solar carport located just off of U.S. Route 36 in Boulder at one of CU-Boulder’s giant dorm complexes.

We also welcome your help on helping us keep up with all the new solar-powered EV charging stations and solar carports popping up around the U.S. – and around the world. We can’t stay on top of it all ourselves (we’re a one-person operation), but we’ll try our best to come close.

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That’s because we believe in the revolutionary potential of solar-charged driving and because we are the only site on the web that’s systematically keeping track of solar-powered EV charging stations through our unique Global Map of Solar-Powered Plug-in Stations. With the addition of these two solar-powered EV charging stations in Georgia, we’ve got 39 solar-powered EV charging stations plotted on our global map.

We know, as one of our readers put it recently in a comment in response to an article we wrote about new solar-powered EV charging stations going online in Oregon and Pennsylvania that “there are WAY more of these stations coming online than you [are reporting]”.

Please help us keep on top of things by sending us any news you know of about solar-powered EV charging stations and solar carports that are going up, either near where you live, or far away!

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