Solar and wind will power this unique sail boat

solar-catamaranIf you’re into sun and sailing, the Foscat-32 Folding Solar Catamaran – which is still a concept boat — may be for you.

The Foscat-32 uses double layer solar cell panels made of high performance flexible photo-voltaic materials placed on both sides of the main sail. The solar cell panels charge small batteries to power electric motors and drive tubular side propellers.

Motors on both sides of the boat maximize navigation performance. The boat can easily be “u-turned” by using the two DC motors with backward and forward action to turn around a point.

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A unique catamaran
By drawing attention to its dual eco-powered and non-polluting attributes, this unique catamaran increases users’ awareness of the environment.

The solar catamaran is one of the first folding catamarans and can be folded on docks as well as on any sand shore.

All told, the solar and wind-powered boat is 32 feet long and 52 feet high when the sail is extended.

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