Plug In America plugs Electric DriveWay parties

electric-driveway-partyPlug In America – the leading advocacy group for electric vehicles in the U.S. — recently held the first of what it hopes will be many American EV house parties in Woodinville, Wash.

Jim and Michelle Billmaier hosted the inaugural EV party at their home just east of Seattle.

Neighbors and visitors were treated to a display of plug-in cars that included five Nissan Leafs, three Tesla Roadsters, three Toyota RAV4 EVs, a Hymotion Prius, a number of conversion vehicles – and a brand new home solar PV system the Billmaiers had installed recently!

An estimated 150 people dropped by to look over the cars and get more information about EVs. Many took their first ride in the cars of the future.

Comparing EVs to gasoline cars
Attendees were treated to flip-chart displays comparing the cost of owning and operating an EV versus a gasoline-powered car and docents from the Seattle Electric Vehicle Assn. were on hand to answer questions.

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Local Leaf owners happily let newbies drive their cars around a neighborhood circuit, returning after each run to a charging demonstration at the Ecotality Blink station in the Billmaier garage.

Plug In America board members Dan Davids, Chad Schwitters, and Tom Saxton were on hand as well to answer questions and evangelize about the benefits of EVs.

Plug In America says that it hopes that future EV House Parties will help spread the word about EVs across the U.S.

The non-profit is working with automakers, charging infrastructure providers, and Clean Cities coalitions to create educational materials and guidance for volunteer EV households to host similar Electric DriveWay parties in their neighborhoods.

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