LEAF contestant says goodbye oil, hello sun!

leaf-contest-jay-bSometimes you just get lucky.

There’s no other good reason that we’re going to promote a video by Jay B. in Nissan’s ongoing Drive Electric Tour contest to win an all-electric LEAF.

The contest works like this: People fortunate enough to live in a U.S. metro area that’s along Nissan’s Drive Electric Tour route shoot a short video in which they make the case for why they should win a Nissan LEAF. The rest of us vote online for our favorite video.

Jay B.’s got a great reason he should win: He has a 5 kW solar system on his home, which he says he’s going to use to power an all-electric LEAF.

Yes, we know Jay’s not the only one out there who wants to drive a LEAF on sun. There are quite a few people who are already doing this, including George Parrott, whom we recently profiled on SolarChargedDriving.Com. George has not only an all-electric LEAF but Chevy’s extended-range EV, the Volt, as well!

40 percent plugging into solar
According to a study by the California Center for Sustainable Energy, 40 percent of LEAF owners in California have solar on their home. That’s pretty close to the figures generated by a poll at MyNissanLeaf.Com, where, out of 167 people casting votes so far, 46 percent indicate they plan to power their LEAF at least partially with home solar.

So, basically, Jay B. just got lucky in terms of coverage here on SolarChargedDriving.Com — a friend of ours posted his video to our Facebook page.

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You can vote for Jay B. by clicking on the image of his video above (sorry, Nissan doesn’t let us embed the video directly on our web site), or by going to https://www.drivenissanleaf.com/Win/Vote.aspx?b=ZX8H2B7E5WUT.

EV + PV is easy
Even if you don’t vote for Jay, we hope you strongly consider making an active vote for EV + PV by plugging into solar-charged driving yourself, either with a LEAF, and/or another plug-in vehicle.

It’s easy to do. All you need is a home solar system and an electric car. Put the two together and you have: true zero emissions driving, individual fueling independence, greater national security for the U.S. (or whatever country you live in), and, most importantly, a lifetime of oil-free, sun-powered driving and savings.

Goodbye oil — hello sun!

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