Australian solar company taps EV to sell PV

sc-ad-wrap-imievWe’ve written before about how solar companies are waking up to the power of EVs as a rolling marketing tool for solar and for their company.

As we’ve noted in the past, more and more solar companies are buying or leasing EVs such as the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, Mitsubishi iMiEV, etc. and ad-wrapping them to help sell solar, and their solar company, as a clean, green ticket to auto fueling independence.

Of course, until now, the solar companies we’ve found which have ad-wrapped an EV to help sell their wares, and, more broadly, solar-charged driving, were all located in the United States.

Add Australia as another country in which at least one solar firm is tapping the power of EVs as a rolling marketing machine for solar.

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Solar Choice, a Sydney, Australia solar company, has been using an ad-wrapped Mitsubishi iMiEV with its company logo and colors to advertise itself as well as solar-charged driving for about six months.

As Solar Choice notes in a blog entry about its ad-wrapped iMiEV, in addition to being CO2 emissions-free, the iMiEV is also noise-free.

Of course, while it might be quieter than some vehicles, the ad-wrapped Solar Choice iMiEV does end up making quite a bit more noise than other vehicles in one important respect: It shouts to the world about the exciting synergy between EV + PV 🙂

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