Solar brews beer, charges EVs at Sierra Nevada

sierra-nevada-carportsNext time you raise a cold one – as in a cold beer, make sure it’s a Sierra Nevada.

The Chico, California-based brewery is literally covered in solar panels, with a large array on the brewery’s roof plus an impressive number of panels soaking up the sun while also providing shade for employee cars in the Sierra Nevada parking lot.

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All told, Sierra Nevada’s brewing its beer with 2.6 megawatts of solar!

The company’s solar carport also includes two Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint EV charging stations so that employees with electric cars can fill up their EVs with sun while they’re doing the all-important work of making beer. Visitors with EVs are also welcome to let their cars sip sun – while they go inside and sip Sierra Nevada beer.

Cool! Or, given that Sierra Nevada’s beer is made with sun electricity, perhaps we should say “hot” instead 🙂

[A special thank you to Eric’s Blog for pointing us toward this story.]

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