Sunny Colorado tries to save solar jobs

editors-blog-entry3SolarChargedDriving.Com is a side gig for me. In real life, I’m a journalism professor at the University of Denver where I teach journalism and communication courses.

One of the great things about being a journalism professor who’s not only teaching but who’s also actively practicing online journalism is the way that my professional and hobby sides often merge.

I’m using a lot of what I’ve learned through creating and producing this web site in the classroom. In fact, SolarChargedDriving.Com is helping to keep me current in terms of teaching journalism, a profession which is being practiced more and more online, and which is increasingly multi-media.

The audio slideshow embedded at the top of this entry is a good example of this. I’ve done photo galleries before, and slide shows, but I’ve never mixed audio with still photography – until now.

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It focuses on a recent Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association (COSEIA) rally to protest Xcel Energy’s proposal to cut its solar rebates by 47 percent. Several hundred solar industry workers and solar advocates participated in the protest, which I covered in a written story several days ago. This audio slideshow tells the same story in a different way – through voices of solar industry professionals and through a series of photos I took at the rally.

I’m not saying the slideshow is slick or of high professional caliber. But I am proud of it. It’s the first audio slideshow I’ve ever done, and I managed to produce it using a powerful, but also not exactly easy for beginners video editing software – Final Cut Pro.

I hope that some of you take the time to watch this slide show, and perhaps respond in the comment stream below. It tells an in important story about solar in Colorado, and solar beyond the Rocky Mountain State, this time using pictures and words, not my words, but rather the words of some of the people who make up the 5,000 plus workers in Colorado’s burgeoning solar industry.

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