First consumer Chevy Volt rolls off assembly line

DETROIT — In a moment many electric vehicles advocates have been ancipating for a long time, GM drove its first consumer Chevy Volt off the assembly line today. GM expects to produce 10,000 Volts at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant in the next year with each going for about $33k after a Federal tax credit of $7,500.

As SolarChargedDriving.Com has reported before, GM appears to be taking a fairly pro-active approach to promoting the Volt + solar energy synergy, having installed an 18 kW solar-powered EV charging station at the Hamtramck plant.

volt-under-solar-canopyIt’ll be interesting to see how many Volts GM sells in the next few years. GM-Volt.Com Founder Lyle Dennis, whom SolarChargedDriving.Com featured recently, created an un-official waiting list for the Volt that grew to well over 50,000 people.

It’ll also be interesting to see how many individual consumers follow GM’s lead and plug their own Volt into the sun. SolarChargedDriving.Com knows of several who will be doing exactly this, including one who will be plugging a Volt and a Nissan LEAF into his home solar array soon.

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