Electric car perks are tempting

leaf-crowdAfter coming across an article in a recent edition of The Denver Post about the perks a Nissan LEAF offers, I couldn’t help but ponder whether my next car purchase should be a LEAF.

reporters-blog-roll-brookeNissan’s first all-electric vehicle reduces dependency on fossil fuels, essentially releases zero-emissions, and has some nice incentives to go with it.

In fact, going electric is more appealing than ever, with perks such as tax credits, rebate checks and, in some cases, personalized phone calls from Nissan executives.

Take for example, Nashville, Tenn. lawyer Justin McNaughton, who put down a $99 deposit on a LEAF. McNaughton will pocket a $7,500 federal tax credit. He has also been enticed by incentives such as a $2,500 cash rebate from the state of Tennessee, and a $3,000 home-charging unit from the Energy Department.

When he had some questions about the LEAF, McNaughton received a personal phone call from a senior manager in the corporate planning department at Nissan, notes the New York Times.

“You kind of feel like you’re one of the chosen people,” McNaughton told the Times.

With bonuses like these, who wouldn’t want to invest in a Nissan LEAF?

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