Streetlights go solar

streetlightsThe sun might not shine when these do — but that doesn’t mean steet lights can’t be powered by solar.

Lighting Science Group’s new wind and solar powered LED street lights can now be installed in virtually any place in the world — without having to be tied into the electric grid. The PROLIFIC DC Series balances the need to responsibly illuminate roadways while eliminating electrical grid energy consumption and maintenance costs. In fact, Lighting Science PROLIFIC DC LED street lights will soon light up Mexico City’s newly constructed “Viaducto Bicentenario” elevated superhighway, which runs 23 kilometers from Lomas Verdes to Tepotzotlan.

“This is the first elevated superhighway in Mexico that will be illuminated entirely by solar-powered LED streetlights,” noted Alan Barson, CEO of BHP Energy Mexico.

According to Lighting Science, the PROLIFIC Series LED street lights are 50 percent more energy efficient compared with traditional HID street lights. The company also claims that they provide more uniform light distribution, increase light levels, and will save thousands of dollars in energy and maintenance cost over the life of the fixtures.

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Much of the savings will come because the PROLIFIC LED technology eliminates re-lamping and re-ballasting of HID street lights and direct line wiring is used in place of starters or capacitors to eliminate traditional maintenance issues. The PROLIFIC DC Series have been engineered to be powered by low voltage direct current electricity produced by solar and wind energy sources providing maximum flexibility for off electrical grid installation.

“With the PROLIFIC DC series, countries around the world now have the freedom to install virtually anywhere environmentally friendly, affordable and energy efficient street lights that have better lighting quality than traditional HID lights,” said Zach Gibler, Chief Executive Officer of Lighting Science Group.

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