BP spill should put a cap on American hypocrisy

flickr-pelican-oileditors-blog-entry3Out of sight, out of mind.

That’s what BP is hoping for as it crosses its fingers that the latest effort to cap the well that’s spewed 100 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico works.

Sadly, the spill falling from public view is almost certainly what will happen.

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The live video feed of the oil well leak has been a major factor in keeping it on the media radar screen for what, in terms of the U.S. media’s attention span, has been an extremely long three months.

Now that this live video of spurting oil might be gone, perhaps for good, the American media and the American people are sure to turn their attention elsewhere and forget about the nation’s worst-ever oil spill.

This, even as the environmental and economic disaster continues to unfold in the Gulf for years to come.

Americans’ hypocrisy
Criticizing the Big Oil companies, doing nothing else, and tanking up your car again and again and again with exactly the stuff that’s spewing “way out there” in the Gulf of Mexico, and in thousands of other places in the world is the ultimate hypocrisy.

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Fortunately, a few of us are doing more than yapping about the BP spill. For instance, many of the folks we’ve profiled at SolarChargedDriving.Com. They’ve plugged into the power of the sun™, replacing an oil hogging gasoline powered car with a solar-charged electric vehicle.

There aren’t a lot of people doing this – yet. But that doesn’t mean those who are and those determined to do so (yours truly) can’t make a difference.

A full 70-percent of the oil consumed in the U.S. goes to powering our transportation fleet. In other words, it’s difficult to have a bigger impact in terms of reducing America’s oil addiction than buying an electric car and plugging it into the sun.

We hope you think about this as the BP oil spill falls off the media radar screen in the U.S. and that you help us leave America’s oil addiction and oil hypocrisy behind.

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