Canada’s ‘oil’ sands another reason to solar-charge

canada-oil-sandseditors-blog-entry3There are so many reasons to leave oil behind, buy an EV or PHEV, and solar-charge it.

We hardly need any more for the list, but here’s a another one, just for good measure:

The so-called oil sands of the great Canadian prairies.

Top 10 reasons to
solar-charge your next car

solar-charge-motion-car1 10. You help drive solar – and EVs – forward!
9. No more trips to the gas station – ever!
8. Big long-term savings – and no more money to Big Oil!
7. “Drill, Baby, Drill!” crowd eats crow!
6. G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G
5. Complete fuel independence!
4. Cleaner air – in your garage, in your neighborhood, in your city, everywhere!
3. A solar-charged EV is a true ZEV (zero emissions vehicle)!
2. The looks on neighbors’ faces when you tell them you power your car with sun…
1. Is there anything cooler than running your car off the sun?

The sands prove, once again, that the oil industry will go to extremes to extract every last drop of oil from the earth, no matter what the environmental costs.

According to the Sierra Club — which is currently running an action campaign onto which I’ve signed, and I hope that you consider signing too — fuel from the oil sands is the dirtiest in the world, producing three times the global warming pollution of conventional oil.

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Furthermore, says the Sierra Club, the oil sands extraction and production process requires clear-cutting giant swaths of ancient forest and leaving behind toxic lakes so large they can be seen from space — lakes that kill birds and other wildlife and threaten to poison drinking water in neighboring communities.

The Sierra Club and partners are working to stop a sprawling network of pipelines and refineries that would bring this dirty oil into the United States. Pipelines would crisscross farmland and communities in Montana, Minnesota, Illinois, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Please consider signing onto this Sierra Club action. Better yet, sign on, resolve make your next car an electric one and, if you can, to partially, or fully, solar-charge its batteries. Finally, encourage your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and fellow world citizens to do the same. The best way to stop environmentally destructive oil-extraction is for all of us to stop using oil to power our cars.

For more information on the destructive oil-extraction going on in Canada, go to

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