What you can do to promote pollution free driving

acura2 editors-blog-entry3 Okay, so I didn’t quite manage to center the words and some of the letters are a bit crooked, but the advertisements I recently stuck onto the back of our two cars using weather-proof sticky letters do what they need to do: Advertise the revolutionary solar-EV/PHEV synergy to the world.

Well, maybe not to the entire world, though I wish I could do that!

Instead, we’re talking about the tiny portion of the world (the Greater Denver, Colorado area) that I, and my family, regularly traverse in our 1992 Acura Integra or 1994 Toyota Camry.

This is what people read if they’re driving behind our ’92 Integra, which, by the way, I have had for 18 years!

“Pollution free driving is coming!!!

And this is what they see, in big white (somewhat crooked) letters, if they’re running behind our ‘94 Camry (which has more than 260,000 miles on it!)

“EVs are coming!
What will you run yours on?

Completely air pollution free driving
To me, the most important thing about going solar and plugging into the sun as a completely air pollution-free source of fuel is to inspire others to make the conversion to Zero Air Pollution driving and air-pollution-free home electric too.

When we finally are driving around in an electric car – which we don’t have yet — powered by solar panels on our roof – which aren’t there yet, our clean, zero-pollution car will be enveloped by a sea of polluting, gas-powered cars.

toyota1In other words, while we’ll no longer be breathing our own fumes, or making others breath our fumes we will still be breathing toxins spewing out of tailpipes around us. (It’s amazing to me that the majority of people have become completely inured to the nasty, unhealthy-ness of breathing one another’s gasoline fumes 24 hours a day.)

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That’s why it’s so crucial – to my kids’ lungs, to your lungs, to the world’s lungs – that those of us planning on converting to solar-charged driving advertise this fact to the world, or, at least to the small part of the world we inhabit.

One of the best ways to do this is by turning your current car, probably a gas-powered one for now, into a rolling advertisement for the replacement of fossil fuel motoring by solar-charged motoring.

Promote pollution-free driving now!
I know many current EV-PV-ers, meaning those who power a current electric car partially or fully with solar-generated electricity, are doing this.

But to those of you who haven’t already turned your car into a rolling advertisement for a air pollution-free future, what are you waiting for?

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Get out there, buy those sticky letters, or, if you have more artistic talent than me, wrap your car in a custom paint job to celebrate and advertise the coming of what, if everyone did it — and they should! – would mean an air pollution-free world for us all!

P.S. – If you’re already using your car, electric or gas, to inspire the rest of the world to convert to solar-charged (or wind-charged, or geo-thermal-charged, etc.) driving, we would love to see pictures of your car and your ads. Please send us a picture ([email protected]) – along with information about who you are, where you live, when you want to start solar-charging, etc. Or, better yet, join our Sun Miles™ Community and post your photos to our web site yourself! We look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

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