Cruise Car’s SunRay vehicles fill up on sun


Looking for an environmentally friendly form of transportation  that celebrates – and harnesses – the power of solar energy as a form of vehicle fueling?

Then you might want to check out Cruise Car Inc., a Sarasota, Fla. Company that sells a line of low-speed electric vehicles  — the SunRay line — partially powered by solar panels on the roof.  SunRay vehicles are designed for short distance spaces and places like golf courses, college campuses, and hospital and private business campuses.

Cruise Car President Kenneth Chester founded the company in 2004.

“Cruise Car’s solar vehicles overcome the challenges that lie ahead with fuel consumption and provide an eco-friendly alternative,” says Chester. “Our unique design coupled with the solar models set us apart from the competition.”

Cruise Car — which has managed to garner considerable media attention — has four lines of low-speed electric vehicles; the Classic, SunRay, Kudo, and Utility lines.

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The SunRay line of vehicles comes equipped with a system of solar panels on the roof.  The system can generate up to 180 watts of power to charge a 36 or 48 volt golf cart battery.

It also manufactures a separate SunRay Solar Roof Kit, a rooftop solar system that can be installed on most popular brands of golf carts.  The roof kit is estimated by the company to last at least twenty years with minimal maintenance.

The cars can go around 50 miles on a full electric charge, and an additional five to seven miles with the energy generated from the solar roof top.

Kudo line models can be ordered with the solar roof kit, as can some of the utility line models.

Cruise Car offers its models in seven different colors, including camouflage green.

Cruise Car’s array of models can accommodate from two to more than 24 passengers.

The golf carts cost as little as $7,300 dollars, and buyers can save thousands with tax credits.

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