Two new EV/PHEV guides available

prius-resources-page-imageThose interested in EVs and PHEVs now have two new guides to help them take a closer look at the cars many feel will revolutionize motoring by transforming driving from one of the world’s worst acts of pollution to a potentially completely pollution free one.

Plug In America, a non-profit electric car advocacy group, will begin offering Charged Up & Ready to Roll: The Definitive Guide to Plug-in Electric Vehicles on Jan. 28 for eight dollars plus three dollars for postage and handling. Plug In America members will be able to download a free e-copy of the guide beginning in early February. The annual membersip fee for Plug In America is $25.

Another guide called Electric & Hybrid Vehicles: Complete and Independent Buyer’s Guide and put together by self-described electrical and hybrid vehicle testing expert Martin Messer Thomsen is currently available at (You must register at EasyeCar.Com in order to download it).

A 52-page guide, Plug in America’s Charged Up & Ready to Roll contains articles explaining the advantages of electric drive, the different types and models of plug-in vehicles that will be on the American market in 2010, the basics on batteries, and a review of the charging infrastructure in the U.S.

The guide also takes a close look at the connection between renewable power and electric vehicles, and individual drivers describe their experiences driving on sun. Finally, a list of resources puts the reader a click away from more information from dozens of EV-related news sites, vehicle manufacturers, career training programs and more.

We are just in front of a radical shift moving from internal combustion engines to electrical or hybrid vehicles.
–Martin Messer Thomsen, electric and hybrid vehicle analyst

A complete list of federal and state financial incentives shows there’s never been a better time to get a plug-in car in the U.S., states Plug In America.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles is designed for the plug-in car novice. Its author says he’s aiming to spread his passion about EVs and PHEVs as well as the environment.

“We are just in front of a radical shift moving from internal combustion engines to electrical or hybrid vehicles,” says Martin. “It is important that people have the right knowledge so they can take the right decision. For many a car is one of the biggest private buys they make and for many it’s the first time they will buy an electric or hybrid car. My objective is to reduce the uncertainties for people wanting to go green when buying a car.”

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