Dell plants Solar Grove at headquarters

Picture of Solar Carport at Dell Computer headquarters.SOURCE:

Computer and high-tech companies, among them HP and Google, both of which have installed solar systems on the rooftops of a number of their installations, have long been among the leaders in greening their businesses.

Add Dell Computers to the list of computer and high-tech companies that see solar as the wave of the future.

Dell has teamed up with Envision Solar to install a 110 kW installation of Solar Trees – a Solar Grove – at Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas.


The 110.62 kW system of 11 Solar Trees is expected to produce approximately 131,000 kilowatt hours annually. It will generate power via 516 BP Solar photovoltaic modules, and provide shade for 56 parking spaces.

The Solar Grove® is specifically designed to prominently display the photovoltaic parking lot arrays to be visible to drivers on the nearby highway.

Finally, the Solar Grove® includes two Envision Solar CleanCharge™ solar-to-electric vehicle charging stations, meaning any EVs/PHEVs which plug in at Dell’s new Solar Grove will be running partially or potentially fully on sun!

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(SCD.COM Newswire summary posted 10-27-09)