Solar-charged and solar-powered Prius

SOURCE: lloydalter’s YouTube Channel

In this video, Enermotion Founder and CEO Jack MacDonnell explains how he has turned a traditional Toyota Prius into what he calls a “Solar Plug-in Prius.”

Essentially, MacDonnell has added a battery pack to the Prius and solar cells to its roof to extend its mileage to what he claims is 100 mpg.

The mix of solar-charging, which SCD.Com uses to refer to an EV/PHEV whose lithium-ion battery(ies) have been charged by solar panels not located on the car, and solar-powering, which SCD.Com uses to refer to vehicles powered solely by solar panels located on the vehicle itself, is an increasingly common one.

Watch a lloydalter’s YouTube video of MacDonnell explaining his solar plug-in prius at:

(SCD.COM Newswire summary posted 8-17-09)