About us

We saw an opportunity — an opportunity to help create a world in which more and more of us drive vehicles powered at least partially, and ideally fully, by renewable energy. We also saw an opportunity to create a new online space, a space focused exclusively on the intersection between solar power and EVs and PHEVs. Surprisingly, no one has yet created such an online space. Now we have. We hope you’ll help us grow this space and, more importantly, help us grow what we hope will become a truly revolutionary move to a world in which millions of us run our cars on sun. To learn more about us, please read the articles in our “About Us” section. 

SolarChargedDriving back on Google’s good side

It’s not easy being a small guy on the web lately thanks to what seems to be an ever increasing number of web site attacks, hacking incidents, etc. As many of you perhaps noticed, SolarChargedDriving.Com was just victimized by such an attack, and promptly given the universal web site “kiss of death”, meaning the proverbial, but luckily for now at least, temporary Google “black list” status.