Go green in your home: Replace old/aging gas home appliances with electric ones

Some key electric appliances for your home. [Graphic Credit: CleanTechnica.Com]
editors-blog-entry3When you need to replace a hot water heater, your furnace and/or air conditioner, your stove/oven, consider electric options, including an electric heat pump.

Going 100% electric gets you off of natural gas — which contributes HUGELY to the climate emergency — and, potentially, converts you to 100% renewable energy, if you have home solar and/or you buy renewable energy generated electricity from your utility and/or your utility produces its electricity mostly, or even exclusively, via renewable energy, meaning hydro, wind, solar, geothermal.

For the typical American, about one-third of our greenhouse gases are produced by our home appliances — especially via our home furnaces and AC units, another one-third by our mode of transportation/driving, and approximately another one-third by way of our consumption of goods, in particular food — on the food front, eating less meat, especially less read meat, can have a big positive net impact on your carbon and pollution footprint!

I will soon be replacing my old gas oven/range that is 20+ years old with an all-electric range. My gas furnace is only nine years old and only about half way through its life, and my gas water heater is only six years old, so also only about half way through its life. That means I will wait a bit longer to replace those. But, when I do, I will be doing so with all-electric, NOT GAS, options 🙂

We need to electrify the United States, and the world, 100%, ASAP — and plug everything into a 100% renewable energy grid.

Tip of the hat to Cleantechnica.Com and writer Joe Wachunas for inspiring me to post this short entry on converting your home appliances from gas to electric. He’s got a longer entry on converting your home appliances from gas to electric here –> https://cleantechnica.com/2020/10/20/the-high-performance-all-electric-home/