Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been sounding the alarm about the climate emergency for two years now.

blog logoThanks to the continued, massive burning of fossil fuels, our house, the earth, is literally on fire, as the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg noted almost two years ago 🔥🔥🔥.

You would think we would be talking about our house being on fire at least some of the time, or, really, every single minute of every single day, and that we would be totally consumed by trying to stop the fire.

If your family home was on fire, you WOULD be talking about it, and trying desperately to stop it from burning down!

And yet most of us rarely, if ever, talk about our earth burning 🔥😢🔥. Worse, when some of us — like Greta and me — dare to point out the fire, we are either ignored or ostracized and/or criticized for breaking the American/global small talk rules by talking about serious stuff that makes people feel “uncomfortable”?!

WTF, people — is that not totally f—— up and completely ass backwards?

Our house is burning and the people who are warning about it are the ones who are being made to feel bad because they’ve got the “audacity” to point out that our goddamn house is BURNING!

OMFG 🤬🤬🤬😢😢😢!

Time for a change in American — and global — attitudes toward the rapidly unfolding and rapidly intensifying Climate Emergency, a BIG change, don’t you think?

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  1. Rich Settembre

    Fortunately the effective handling of fatal threats such as self extinction (Greta should cut to the chase and call it what it is imo) from: nuclear war, irreversible damage to our global ecosystem, biological contamination/infection of humans through neglect, intent, or accident, can only be mediated and or eliminated through non-emotional rational thought and the application of human effort and resources…all activated by our collective survival instinct and facilitated by our innate collective intelligence.

    Where is our physical survival instinct nowadays?
    Gone. That is the brick wall Greta and other environmentalists unfortunately seem to be running into.
    So now for something completely different.
    From now on let us present to our fellow humans “sleeping in a burning house which has dead batteries in all of the smoke detectors because the alarms might disturb their sleep” an economic warning instead.
    Can we remove the emotion and hysteria from the presentation and, on “one side of one sheet of paper,” ala Winston Churchill, simply present the math of the global collapse of everything when and as the s..t hits the fan.
    The cost of living will skyrocket (sorry… rockets are big polluters) as we try to sequester carbon and try to reverse run away warming for example.
    Yes, and don’t forget to itemize the numbers of living and as yet not born offspring of the future family tree who will suffer and die directly and indirectly due to our dance of death with buried hydrocarbons as we slumber in our burning house.
    If we can not put these numbers on a spreadsheet then they don’t exist. I think they can be presented with a certain accuracy but I haven’t seen any W.H.O. or US CDC Global warnings on it.

    This whole issue is an intellectual challenge.
    Can we do the math? Can we understand the math? Can we spark an interest in survival? Can we buy advertising on prime time to show the math? Across the USA there are no set national standards for science education! Can we at least try to eliminate the sanctioned teaching of alternate science?
    Who in their right mind would fly in an airliner designed with “alternative engineering”? How about homeopathic Lidocaine for your next root canal?

    Population explosion may be the root cause of the problem. There were no global fatal threats from man made problems of any sort when the Earth only hosted 10,000 people.
    Perhaps global warming will some day serve up that solution. Let’s put that on our Math presentation.

    Free Addendum: Wear a mask, wash your hands, drive an electric car, bicycle to work, manage our forests better. The California fires have created enough carbon exceeding a years worth of automobile pollution for the whole state. Who hired these people?

    It is down to education, innate intelligence. rational thinking, math,and education, and survival instinct.
    Emotion and “outrage” are lame and ineffective as shown by the results of same.
    Last line…Change Tactics.


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