Ed Knapton’s “SOLR EV” license plate (see front of Chevy Volt). His is the third “SOLR EV” vanity plate that we now know of in the USA. Thank you for sharing, Ed! [Photo by Ed Knapton]

blog logoEd Knapton, who lives in Texas and has both a Chevy Bolt and a Chevy Volt, just posted a few pictures to the Facebook Volt Owners Group. He’s just added a new vanity license plate to his impressive solar PV + EV setup, “SOLR EV”.

Patrick Conor’s Oregon “SOLR EV” vanity plate — perhaps the first in the USA?

So, I’ve got a record of three “SOLR EV” plates in the United States:
— Oregon (the original?)
— Colorado
— Texas

Anyone else out there with the vanity plate “SOLR EV” — which indicates one’s EV is at least partially powered by solar?

If yes, I’d love to hear from you — so that we can spread the EV + SOLAR PV message!

Ed Knapton’s solar-charged driving set-up — complete with a Chevy Bolt and a Chevy Volt. [Photo by Ed Knapton]

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