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How many SOLR EV license plates are there in the USA?

Ed Knapton’s “SOLR EV” license plate (see front of Chevy Volt). His is the third “SOLR EV” vanity plate that we now know of in the USA. Thank you for sharing, Ed! [Photo by Ed Knapton]
blog logoEd Knapton, who lives in Texas and has both a Chevy Bolt and a Chevy Volt, just posted a few pictures to the Facebook Volt Owners Group. He’s just added a new vanity license plate to his impressive solar PV + EV setup, “SOLR EV”.

Patrick Conor’s Oregon “SOLR EV” vanity plate — perhaps the first in the USA?

So, I’ve got a record of three “SOLR EV” plates in the United States:
— Oregon (the original?)
— Colorado
— Texas

Anyone else out there with the vanity plate “SOLR EV” — which indicates one’s EV is at least partially powered by solar?

If yes, I’d love to hear from you — so that we can spread the EV + SOLAR PV message!

Ed Knapton’s solar-charged driving set-up — complete with a Chevy Bolt and a Chevy Volt. [Photo by Ed Knapton]