Renewable energy + a Tesla = A game changer

A Tesla with a custom plate parked in Centennial, Colorado. [Photo by Christof Demont-Heinrich]
I’m always on the lookout for custom plates that promote electric cars and, especially, plates that promote renewable energy + electric cars. I happened to come across one such plate on a Tesla Model S this afternoon parked at my ex-wife’s apartment/condo complex in Centennial, Colorado.

Clean energy + Tesla, or any other electric car, does indeed = a “Game Changer”, as this plate declares.

Have you gotten into “the driving game” as a game changer driving your car(s) on clean, green, affordable, domestically produced solar and wind energy?

I hope so  — as do all of the rest of living beings on Planet Earth, who are facing radical, intense, and seemingly much more quickly unfolding negative environmental consequences of modern society’s addiction to fossil fuels than we even thought possible just a few years before.