This red Tesla S zooming around Colorado while driving on sunshine

This Red Tesla Model S, which belongs to Charlie Wilde, who works for Ecology Solar, is zooming around Colorado while driving on sunshine. It’s a great advertisement for solar, Ecology Solar, and, of course, solar-charged driving and Sun Miles® .

editors-blog-entry3So, I am working toward hopefully getting solar up in the cohousing community that I moved into just six months ago, Highline Crossing Cohousing.

If I succeed (cross your fingers!) it would be the second place I would have brought solar to, with the first being my old house at 4000 S. Atchison Way, Aurora, Colo. where I had a 5.5 kW solar system installed, and which ultimately produced more electricity than I/we ever used, even with an electric car (a 2014 Nissan LEAF). GoogleMap the address in the previous sentence, and you will see the solar system on the roof of that house, which divorce forced me to sell in November 2015.

4000 S. Atchison Way is the first place I managed to get solar installed. Now, I’m hoping to do the same in the Cohousing Community in which I now live, Highline Crossing Cohousing in Littleton, Colo.

Here at Highline Crossing, we had a couple of solar guys come out from a Denver area solar installer called Ecology Solar. One of them — Charlie Wilde — arrived in the red Tesla Model S in the picture above, complete with the custom plate, “SUNZOOM”.

Wilde has solar on his home in Denver and has been plugged into solar-charged driving and Driving on Sunshine for four years!

He’s also a walking, well, I should say, driving ;-), advertisement for solar, Ecology Solar, and the solar + electric car combination.

Very cool, Charlie!

Keep on cranking out those Sun Miles®!