A frustrating charging situation for a Chevy Bolt

My 2017 Bolt easily delivered an 80-mile round trip into the Colorado mountains.

editor's blog logoI just posted the following (see screen shot at end of this blog entry) to the Chevy Bolt Owners Group on Facebook and something similar to the ChevyBolt.Org forum.

I’m trying to figure out if I can charge my Bolt in a cost-reasonable way at 240 volts, which, in my case, requires that a 240 volt outlet be installed, ideally, in my garage. Unfortunately, this appears to be extremely expensive to do thanks to the fact that the electric box and electric meter for my garage are on a different garage block than my own garage block here at Highline Crossing Cohousing Community.

One electrician quoted me a price of $4,000 to install a simple 30 amp 240-volt outlet and another one said it would be $2,000. Yikes!

I will report back in when I get some answers on my 240-volt extension cord question 🙂

Happy EV-ing!

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