The Chevy Bolt is a nice looking car — and has the range needed for one-car households like mine — but the $428 per month lease John Elway Chevy offered is too much money. So, I am looking for a better deal. [Photo credit: Christof Demont-Heinrich]

editor's blog logoDear Chevrolet Dealer,
I am looking to lease a ‘kinetic blue’ Chevy Bolt LT with the ‘Comfort and Convenience Package’. I am writing to see if you can give me a better deal than John Elway Chevrolet in Englewood, Colo. recently offered me.

This is what they offered me –>

— $2,300 down
— $428 month
— 12k miles

The Colorado EV credit was not factored into the above offer, meaning, presumably, that I could claim it at the end of the tax year.

I also believe that John Elway said that they had not factored in the Federal Tax Credit, meaning they, or GM/Leasing company would not take the Federal Tax Credit, and that I would be eligible to receive the federal tax credit. However, this was not 100 percent clear.

I am hoping that you can be clearer about who, in your Chevy Bolt leases, gets the Federal Tax Credit: GM/Leasing Company/Your Dealership OR the lessor/consumer.

I was disappointed with the offer John Elway gave me. I expected a better deal than $400+ per month. Currently, I am paying $289 per month for a 2014 Nissan LEAF that I have leased for 3 1/2 years.

Given that many people in California are getting much better Bolt lease deals than what John Elway quoted me — I’ve seen multiple people get Bolts for $2,500 down, 15k miles per year and $309 per month in Calif., I am expecting to pay less. Bolt buyers/lessors have written about these lease deals on a Chevy Bolt Owner’s Group on Facebook which has nearly 4,000 members.

The all-electric Chevy Bolt gets amazing mileage AND saves thousands in fuel costs across time. [Photo credit: Christof Demont-Heinrich]

I am definitely hoping, really, expecting a better deal than $428 per month with $2,300 down + 12k miles per year.

Can you give me a better deal?

I will definitely be leasing a Chevy Bolt thanks to the fact that it offers 238 miles of range, which is plenty for my single-car household, and three times as much range as my 2014 Nissan LEAF.

Like 70 percent of Bolt buyers, I will be brand new to Chevy and GM.

Does GM want to get a brand new customer? Do you want to be the Chevy dealership to get my business?

Thank you very much.

Christof Demont-Heinrich
Editor & Founder, SolarChargedDriving.Com


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  1. Christof Demont-Heinrich

    Ed Bozarth in the Denver area is offering $2,995 down, $299 per month, 10k miles per year. That’s quite a bit better than John Elway Chevy’s $428 per month. But I want 12k miles on the same deal, then maybe I’d take it.

  2. Lester Burnham (@paymeinbeahhh)

    Try not to sound too eager Chris u r giving up any bargaining leverage by saying stuff like, “I will definitely be leasing a Chevy Bolt.” The Ed Bozrath dealer deal looks good; everythings negotiable, no?

    As for the fed subsidy it would appear you have to apply for it separately then do the math and deduct from your gross expenses manually. Should be less than $299/month.

    How many miles a year do you drive now? (I know you will prob drive more since you will have more range but thats a good problem to have.) And have you test driven a Bolt yet? Whats it like? Or does it matter?

    • Christof Demont-Heinrich

      Hi Lester,
      Good points. I did test drive a Bolt about 10 days ago at John Elway Chevrolet. I liked it, but was not bowled over by it. Somehow, I expected it to feel a lot quicker than my 2014 LEAF, with a ton more torque, but it felt pretty similar. I do drive about 12,000 miles per year, so I don’t want to get locked into a lease that gives me only 10k. The guys at Ed Bozarth said they’d lease me a Black Bolt LT with Quickcharge for $349 per month with $2,995 down and 12k miles a year. The price seems ok, but doesn’t bowl me over. I’m starting to wonder if I could buy — not lease — a Bolt in California, get a great deal, and drive it back here to Colorado, where, presumably I could still claim the tax credits, Fed and State of Colorado (which is 5k). But….

      1) Am I allowed to buy a Bolt in Calif. and then register it in Colorado?
      2) If yes, do I get to claim the Fed Tax Credit and the State Tax Credit, or just the latter, or none?
      3) If I am allowed to buy in Calif., register it in Colorado, and claim both the Fed and state tax credit, does that mean no dealers in Calif. would have any incentive to sell to me at a great price?
      4) I guess what I mean in No. 3 is really: Can a Calif. dealer sell a Bolt that gets registered out of state and whose owner claims both the Fed and out-of-state tax credit, and STILL have the Bolt sale “count” toward GM’s CARB/ZEV numbers?

      Seems to me that if GM cannot count a Bolt sells to an out-of-state buyer like me in Calif. toward its CARB/ZEV credits, I would NOT get any kind of deal on a Bolt in California, and it would be a waste of my time, and the dealers, for me to start looking for a buying (not leasing) deal in Calif.

      Do you happen to know the answer to the questions above? Just curious…

      • Michael Aye

        Did you ever get these interesting questions answered?

  3. Christof Demont-Heinrich

    Many people on a Chevy Bolt Owner’s Group on Facebook said that California dealers will not least to out-of-state buyers. However, they will sell a Bolt to you from out of state. I have found with my Nissan LEAF, which I had for 3 1/2 years and now with my Chevy Bolt, that it’s less costly on a per month basis to lease rather than buy. Of course, if you can plop down like $20k when buying outright, well, that’s going to make your monthly payment go down.

    Currently, I am driving a Cajun Red 2017 Bolt with QC and comfort and confidence packages 1 for –>

    $2,300 down
    $338 per month
    12k per year
    39-month lease

    I will get my down payment back via the Colorado EV state tax credit which is $2,500 for leased EVs. Overall, not a bad deal, especially since I am fueling for free at my backwards HOA, which has all 40 garages sitting on a single utility meter and electric box and no itemized use for the different owners of each garage. Of course, the down side is that I’m stuck with Level 1 charging in the garages — and it appears my drive to get 240 wiring into the 120 volt only garages is going to take a LONG time because it has to be a community decision.


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