U.S. has 15 times more solar than in 2010

Given that we installed solar on our now former house’s roof in 2010 (http://solarchargeddriving.com/category/going-solar/going-solar-a-photo-gallery/; the home still has solar, but we do not own it anymore) this is a particularly interesting, and encouraging, statistic –>

“Today, the U.S. has nearly 15 times more solar energy capacity installed than in 2010, with enough solar to power the equivalent of over 8.7 million homes and reduce 55 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually.The data comes from the quarterly U.S. Solar Market Insight Report by SEIA/GTM Research.”

Of course, the United States still has a long way to go in terms of total solar capacity — which ultimately means that much room for solar growth 🙂

Go solar, go! 😉