Bolt will kill LEAF – unless Nissan adds range

Random thought –>

You’d think/hope that with Colorado’s first of its kind $5k up front state tax rebate set to start Jan. 1, 2017:


1. Chevy dealers would get it and be real about growing electric car demand;
2. There will be a lot of interest in the Bolt here in Colorado;
3. Nissan will lose me and a TON of other people who leap from a LEAF to a Bolt. I mean, does Nissan really think it can compete with a lame 112 mile range EV, or even a 160 mile EV priced similarly to a Bolt that will have an impressive EPA rated range of 238 miles?

By the way –> Anyone have recommendations on the best Denver area Chevy dealerships in terms of buying or Bolt — meaning those who treated Volt buyers well and with respect in the past?

AND who offered a good deal on Volts and are likely to do so on Bolt?

If yes, please let me — and others know by posting in the comments field below.

Thank you 🙂