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You’d think/hope that with Colorado’s first of its kind $5k up front state tax rebate set to start Jan. 1, 2017:


1. Chevy dealers would get it and be real about growing electric car demand;
2. There will be a lot of interest in the Bolt here in Colorado;
3. Nissan will lose me and a TON of other people who leap from a LEAF to a Bolt. I mean, does Nissan really think it can compete with a lame 112 mile range EV, or even a 160 mile EV priced similarly to a Bolt that will have an impressive EPA rated range of 238 miles?

By the way –> Anyone have recommendations on the best Denver area Chevy dealerships in terms of buying or Bolt — meaning those who treated Volt buyers well and with respect in the past?

AND who offered a good deal on Volts and are likely to do so on Bolt?

If yes, please let me — and others know by posting in the comments field below.

Thank you 🙂

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  1. Lester Burnham (@paymeinbeahhh)

    I hear you christof but for those of us who are economically challenged we are stuck to our 80 mpc (miles per charge) nissan leafs. I do wonder about my decision to buy out the leafse early for about $6K however. I have a 2013 model and yes ive noticed the battery doesnt hold a charge as well as it used to but i still like it a lot (obvi). At almost 25K miles @37 months so im decidedly low mileage so the range thing is not key w/me as it is w/you — yes i own 2 ICEs as well.

    Was very intrigued w/the bolt of course. And the hydrogen powered/electric drive MIRAI but leasing at $499/mo its more than a bit steep. Plus it has no hatchback/foldable rear seats for my bike. (Deal killer.)

    My deal is all-electric or nothing. No hybrids, no volts, priuses et al. Like i said i own 2 other ICEs for that. The bolts gonna be a hit and agree w/you as the leaf hasnt been innovating and is probably at the end of its design/model cycle — what, year 7 now of same design? — the used leaf market is already kinda saturated.

    • Christof Demont-Heinrich

      Hi Lester,
      Thank you for all of your comments! I think your spot on about the Bolt and about Nissan. Don’t know why Nissan sat so long on the LEAF that it is now being bypassed by the Bolt in terms of range, innovation, etc. Yes, I’m guessing Nissan will get there. But shouldn’t it have beat GM in this race having put out the first global mass production affordable EV? Just saying…


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