That’s me, Christof Demont-Heinrich, shortly after my first ‘test’ drive of my brother’s Tesla Model S way back in 2012.

editors-blog-entry3So, after talking ‘smack’ about how I was going to get a Chevy Bolt — because it’s almost certain to arrive earlier in Colorado than the Tesla Model 3 — I changed my mind, and I put a $1,000 deposit down on a Model 3.

Actually, my brother, who owns a Tesla Model S P85, went online last night — the first night that the public could reserve a Model 3 — and put “me” down for a Model 3.

As a current Tesla owner — he’s had a Model S in his garage since December 2012 — my brother supposedly has priority in the cue for the Model 3. This, I’m hoping, will mean that I have at least a slight chance — well, okay, it might actually be a slight chance in hell 😉 — of driving around in a Model 3 in about a year.

Here’s my dilemma: I’ve got a 2014 Nissan LEAF that I began leasing in Feb. 2014. It’s a great car — but NOT a great ONLY car, and, since I went through a divorce during the past two years, the LEAF has become my ONLY car.

What does this have to do with the Chevy Bolt and the Model 3?

Electric cars are quicker, quieter, smoother, 100 percent more environmentally friendly when fueled by renewable energy, and just WAYYYY more fun to drive than gas cars.

Well…basically, I NEVER want to own, or lease, a gas stinker again. Not. EVER!

And, no, I don’t care if that makes me ‘arrogant’, or ‘stupid’ in your eyes.

It’s just how it is with me.

Electric cars are quicker, quieter, smoother, 100 percent more environmentally friendly when fueled by renewable energy, and just WAYYYY more fun to drive than gas cars.

I was able to extend my two-year lease on the LEAF into a three-year lease. However, that only takes me to Feb. 2017.

And, even though I’m higher on the Tesla Model 3 cue now, thanks to help from my brother — Thank U Thomas 🙂 — I’m 99.9 percent sure I will not have a Model 3 by Feb. 2017. Indeed, I could be waiting until Sept. 2017, or longer, for my Model 3.

Goodbye to gas — forever!
I do need a car to get around though — and, remember, I’m determined NOT to EVER buy or lease any gas car again, not even a gas clunker!!!

Yes, I am a stubborn bastard ;-), am I not?

This is what was pushing me to the Bolt, which probably will be here in Colorado as early as January 2017. What pushes me away from the Bolt and toward a Tesla are two things –>

1. Teslas are just cooler and better than anything made by GM.

2. The Supercharger network (assuming that I can get paid access to it). In fact, it is the Supercharger network — which turns the Model 3 into a true long-distance car — which makes it EASILY trump the Bolt. Are you listening GM? Unfortunately, I bet you are NOT listening, because you are STILL not fundamentally committed to electric cars and you are STILL in the pocket of BIG OIL, at least partially. Sigh….

So, I’m psyched about being on the list for a Model 3, and being higher up in the cue than I would otherwise be, thanks to my brother. But I’m not sure what I’m going to do to cover those six, nine, 12 months (please don’t let it be more!) between the time my three-year lease on my 2014 LEAF runs out, and when I actually get a Model 3 in my hands.

Again, I absolutely REFUSE to buy/lease a gas car, even a clunker, ever again.

When it comes to car ownership –>

I. Am. Done. With. Gas. Forever.

Car sharing seems like a decent option perhaps. I’d be driving gas for awhile — but I wouldn’t “own” the car.

For now, though, I’m just very excited about getting a Tesla — finally!

Sorry, GM.


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  1. Sean Sergio

    This might sound crazy, but what if they could switch out the glass paneling for transparent solar cells. Think of how hot a car generally gets when sitting in the sun.

    If the glass paneling could be used to constantly recharge the battery I think it would seriously up the potential. I realize that Tesla is more in the battery game then they are in the electric car game ( a common misunderstanding) but I am curious if anyone else has thought of this kinda idea.

    Here’s a little more info about recent transparent solar panels research if anyone is interested: http://www.solarpanelsontariohq.com/the-first-fully-transparent-solar-power-cell/

    If you consider that Tesla’s cars are probably about 35% glass on the surface I think it might just work. Anyways just an idea, I’d like to know what you think Christof.

    • Christof Demont-Heinrich

      Hi Sean,
      I think it would be an awesome idea — but probably would add to the cost of the Model 3, and Tesla’s trying to keep the cost of the car down, especially since, apparently, the majority of people who end up with one, won’t even get a tax credit.

      BTW, I hope I DO get a tax credit, because, without it, the Model 3 is way above my own price range for a car, given that my annual income as a journalism prof = 65k.

      • Bruce

        Lease and Tesla will take the tax credit and lower your lease payment with it. That’s how did it with my Leaf

      • George Parrott

        Still low absolute power production given the limited area and the PV panels certainly would add to the price (maybe another option?). I too am on the Model 3 wait list, as my only niggle with my P85D(L) is that it is TOO big for my actual needs….though I might wait for the reincarnated roadster/sports car with ….”plaid.”

        Keep positive Christof. Everything WILL get better.

  2. José Maertens

    Tesla’s policy is great, not just blablabla. And it’s not only cars, chargers to, batteries, hyperloos, it would changes the world in a better place! And yet? Still some dumb persons laughing?

  3. Bruce

    I bought my Leaf after the lease, Nissan called me a year before the 3 year lease was up and I Negotiated a price of $8,000.00 for my 2013 base model. Wow! what a good price! and I just put down $1,000.0 for a Tesla the night of the release right before. I can’t wait to get my red Tesla! I’ll let my Son have the Leaf in a year when he turns 16. And I’m getting 30 Solar Panels on my house in a few weeks, already signed the paperwork – same cost as my power bill then all profit after break even in around 8 to 10 years. We can’t lose. Screw fossil fuel forever! Bastards!

    • Christof Demont-Heinrich

      Awesome! That is very cool! Two thumbs up, way up!

  4. Bruce

    And get a Tesla Powerwall battery and get off the Greedy Grid all together!

  5. Christof Demont-Heinrich

    Very jealous — some day maybe for me. No longer have my house, or solar system. Had to sell the house due to divorce. But I’ll get back in the solar-charged driving seat someday again 🙂


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