Tim (foreground) and Joel place more panels on our upper roof. Notice how the panels accentuate the beautiful blue sky!

Battling utilities’ war on rooftop solar

editors-blog-entry3I’ve written widely on Big Utilities’ War on Rooftop Solar, and on the ways in which Big Utilities seriously constrain individual consumer choice and freedom. Indeed, vertically integrated (meaning utilities control the electricity production AND the distribution network for that electricity) utility monopolies are among the most anti-American, anti-free-market entities we have in the United States.

But as good as my blog critiques have been, ;-), they’re not as good as this video (see above). It’s definitely worth a view, and four minutes of your time.

Go ahead, I know you’ll enjoy it — and there’s even a cat playing piano clip at the end, in case animal, rather than solar rights, videos are what float your boat 😉