Why are some libertarians so anti EV + PV?

editors-blog-entry3Amazing how many people are (willfully?) ignsubsidies-solar-vs-fforant about the billions in tax breaks fossil fuels and Big Oil get. And I’m supposed to feel bad because I’ve gone solar and drive a solar-charged EV? Gimme a break…

See the comment stream below this Grist.Org article — ‘Now is the time to invest in solar, because people are stupid’ — for more of the anti-EV, pro- Big Oil position (I use the handle cbdh19 in case you want to help support me. Sadly this position is espoused by self-declared right wing libertarians who, in theory, should be for the fueling independence that solar-charged driving delivers. In fact, a lot of right wing libertarians are EV + PV, but it seems like a lot more are inexplicably against EV + PV and for the Big Utility and Big Oil model.

I guess they’re against EV + PV because they, more than anything, want to be against “libs” like me. But EV + PV isn’t just the domain of “libs” (I’m proud to be an American “lib” BTW ;-); it’s for anyone who wants to realize the joy and satisfaction of 100 percent Big Oil, OPEC, ISIS free fueling independence.

And, no, my solar panels don’t come from the Chinese “Fascists” (my panels were made in Sweden), and my Nissan LEAF was made in — gasp! — Tennessee!

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