Public buying into Hydrogen Fairy Myth

[Flickr Creative Commons Photo By Cinzia A. Rizzo]
editors-blog-entry3I’ve been saying for awhile in this space that people seem to think hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles will be made from thin air. Now, I’ve got some hard evidence that I’m right. Check out some of these Facebook responses to an article posted by ClimateProgress.Org about how Toyota is going to release its patents on the fuel cell vehicle.

The responses indicate the validity of my “Hydrogen Fairy” thesis, which holds that people, lots of them, think hydrogen will be made from thin air, rather than by the burning of fossil fuels, which is the most likely scenario. Here goes, check out the ignorance for yourself –>

Andy Span  This machine is phenomenal and if it goes mainstream it will spell the end for fossil fuel powered cars!


Ted Sheppard Obviously Kevin Moore “thinks” he knows more about this technology than the Toyota engineers. One point I know for a fact he’s wrong about. The emissions from burning this fuel is water vapor. That’s H2o for you techies. Harmless!!!


Michael Gtr That’s cool. Tesla opened their patents like, 6 months ago. 

It’s good to see others following suit to open up the future of non-gasoline based cars.


Robert Satler Brilliant move, they probably already have the production line in place while the USA has it’s thumb up it’s ass. Not to mention our Koch problem.
Cihan Kenar End to Fossil Fuel!!! Thank you Toyota, its great to see they they followed the open sharing of patents like Tesla!!! A green future ahead!!!


Enough said! To read more comments that indicate far too many people believe in the Hydrogen Fairy, than should — again, shouldn’t thinking people ask: How is the “clean burning” hydrogen going to be made in the first place? — head to ClimateProgress.Org’s Facebook Page.

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