Solar-charged Nissan LEAF is inspiring


Someone left this note about my solar-charged car being inspiring on my Nissan LEAF.
Someone left this note on my Nissan LEAF.

Sometimes when you do the right thing — like power an electric car with sunshine, something I’ve been doing for about 10 months — you get recognition for doing so.

The handwritten note in the picture to the right was placed on the windshield of my 2014 Nissan LEAF this morning. My LEAF has the vanity plate, ‘SOLPWRD’. Here’s what the note says –>

‘SOLPWRD — I love your car + that it’s solar powered! Inspirational! 🙂 I want one!’

Yup, this little gesture of kindness, definitely made my day :-).

Anyone else out there have stories similar to this one? If so, please share them in the comments field below.

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