Why buy a Volt if you go electric 95% of time?

17k-mpgeditors-blog-entry3I’m ready to give anyone who gets 17,000 miles per gallon the thumbs up, any day. And this Chevy Volt driver (see above table) has. So, a giant, double thumbs up to him!

But I have to say: Why bother lugging around a gasoline engine when 93 percent of your miles are pure electric?

Also – and I love how this turns on its head the usual argument that pure EVs such as the Tesla Model S Performance Series are “wasteful” for trucking around an “unecessarily” large battery when most owners will only use that full battery capacity 10 percent of the time: Isn’t it wasteful/inefficient to cart around thousands of pounds of gasoline engine technology when you almost never use that engine? 😉