Tesla Model S kicks some Dodge Viper butt

editors-blog-entry3Predictably, the gas Neanderthals [maybe I should pull a GM and trademark this term ;-)] are claiming this video (above) showing a Tesla Model S leaving a Dodge Viper in the dust is a farce, that it’s a so-called case of “sandbagging”, meaning an allegedly incompotent driver of the gasoline powered Viper not doing the Viper justice.

And, I’m oh SOOO sure that the critics could FOR SURE do so much better than this driver because they’re way more “manly” than him, right? (Sorry, to me, it really does seem as if this is ultimately all about a misplaced and outdated macho notion in which the old “stickshift” car ends up taking a backseat to the “feminine”, one-gear EV, thereby offending some folks’ ridiculous and narrow sense of “manliness”).

tesla-modelS-frontGas Neanderthals
As you can see, I view this video very differently than the gas Neanderthals — most of whose oh-so-predictable comments I saw when Tesla embedded the video on its Facebook page.

To me — EV “pansy” that I am 😉 (BTW, I’ve been driving the same Acura Integra stickshift for 22 years, which, of course, clearly makes me very manly indeed 😉 — this video is hard evidence that the best EVs — and the Tesla Model S is one of these (okay it is the best EV out there) — are simply quicker than gasoline cars.

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I know, even hard evidence — this coming from a web site called Drag Times that doesn’t seem particularly interested in faking an EV win — showing the superiorty of EVs isn’t enough to change the mind of a die-hard muscle car/musclehead group, which will never open up their minds to EVs.

But, thank God, this is a small subgroup of people. The more the rest of the world sees the Model S beat the competition, the more people will start throwing away the tired, old, untrue streotypes about EVs and begin to throw off the yoke of gasoline-powered motoring.

Eat our electric dust — ideally, solar-generated electric dust — indeed 😉

[To be fair, the Wikipedia page devoted to the SRT10 Viper claims a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds for the most recent version of the car, almost a second faster than the Model S. But, if 90 percent of people cannot drive the Viper so that it actually hits this time, probably a fair assumption, and 90 percent of people can drive the Model S so that it hits 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, which car, is, practically speaking, a quicker car in the real world? And, of course, the Viper is a two-seat sports car, the Model S is a five to seven person performance sedan; add four more seats to the Viper, and see how quick it is then ;-)]


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