Ohio tour promotes renewables + EV synergy

volt-plate-green-energy-ohioRenewable energy plus a plug-in vehicle such as a Chevy Volt is a viable option whether you live in sunny California or in a state better known for its relatively gray winters such as Ohio.

Ohio resident Greg Kuss, who recently drove more than 500 miles around the Buckeye State in a Volt largely powered by green electricity, is a good example.

Kuss did the drive as part of the Tour del Sol, an event sponsored by Green Energy Ohio, a non-profit group dedicated to promoting environmentally and economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio.

Electric cars + renewable energy
During the recently completed trip, Kuss told The Youngstown News that he was driving the 534-mile Tour del Sol to promote “the good news of combining renewable energy and electric cars.”

“Sometime in the future, we’ll be able to zip completely around Ohio not only on electric, but on electric and renewable energy,” said Kuss.

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Kuss is an advocate not only of greener electricity production but of energy independence.

“I can plug in and run my world off electricity. That makes me environmentally minded, and I want to be part of that solution,” he told The News.

Green energy is available to large numbers of people in Ohio and elsewhere, even those who cannot put solar panels on their home, stressed Kuss, who noted that consumers can choose cleaner electricity through their current utility company at a slightly higher rate.

“Not everybody can put up a solar panel. But you can make the choice for maybe 5 or 7 percent more [on your electricity bill when you] buy an all-green mix,” Kuss told The News.

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