Yes, there are Chevy Volts on road in Colorado

volt-whiteeditors-blog-entry3I saw my first Chevy Volt on the road Sunday night at exactly 9:15 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time.

It was a white diamond tricoat colored Volt and it was traveling southbound on Parker Road in South Aurora, Colo., about two miles from my house.

I stopped at a red light next to it – me in the 1992 Acura Integra with 160,000 miles on it that I’ve had for exactly 20 years now, and some person I couldn’t see in the dark in his/her sleek, shiny new Volt.

Volt disappears into Colorado night
It zipped off as soon as the light turned green, disappearing into the Colorado night, headed, I’m guessing, to a house somewhere in Douglas County, the richest county in Colorado.

I couldn’t help but wondering: Was the Volt running in electric, or gas-hybrid mode when I saw it. No way of knowing, of course, though, I suppose if it had been a cold night – it wasn’t – and it was running in gas-hybrid mode, I may have been able to tell by looking to see if there were any condensation clouds puffing out of the tailpipe.

I was definitely jealous, just like I was when I saw my first Nissan LEAF on the road in the Denver area almost exactly one month ago.

Lucky to have seen Volt and LEAF
On the other hand, I also felt pretty lucky.

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After all, the odds that I see any new Chevy Volts, of which there are about 8,000 on U.S. roadways right now, or any new Nissan LEAFs, of which there may be 12,000 or so in the entire U.S., have to be pretty low. In fact, it’s almost a little bit crazy that I’ve seen one of each on the road at all at this point given how few there are in the U.S. right now.

Hey, I’m disappointed that we don’t have a Volt or a LEAF right now for reasons I’ve written about before and therefore won’t get into now. On the other hand, I have to think that the fact that I’ve seen both a LEAF and a Volt now on the road in my area means that maybe someone up there is looking after me after all 😉

Either that, or there are more LEAFs and Volts in the Aurora, Colo. area than I think. Nah – we’re not living in Boulder, Colo. – so it’s gotta be for the other reason that I’ve seen both of them 😉

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